Baldwin – Galaxies

Question Answer
How do we measure distance in space? Light years, the distance light travels in one year.
What are the three kinds of galaxies? spiral, elliptical and irregular
What are the characteristics of a spiral galaxy? a center bulge and spiral arms; it contains middle aged stars
What are the characteristics of an elliptical galaxy? a bright center, little to no gas or dust; it contains old stars
What are the characteristics of irregular galaxies? they have undetermined shapes and young stars
What do galaxies contain? gas clouds, dust particles, stars, star clusters, dark matter, Black Holes
What kind of galaxy is the Milky Way? barred spiral
Where is the Milky Way located? in The Local Group near Andromeda
Where is Earth located within the Milky Way? Orion Arm on the outer edge of the galaxy
Why do scientists believe that Black Holes may be at the center of all galaxies? Because the strong gravitational pull of a Black Hole would keep the sat_flash_1s of the galaxy in place much like our sun keeps solar system in place
Why was Edwin Hubble important to the study of galaxies and outer space? He designed the Hubble telescope which allowed scientists to see more than before; he also classified the different kinds of galaxies.

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