Biology JC

Question Answer
What is the smallest unit of a living thing that can perform all life processes? A cell
Scientist use microscopes to study the small what? Details of a cell
Plant and animal cells are similar because all cells have what? a. Nucleus b. Cell membrane c. Cytoplasm
What is the control center for the cell's activities? Nucleus
Cells that look similar can have what? different jobs
What is a cell membrane? the cell's outer border, it separates the cell from its environment, and controls what substances move into or out of the cell
What is a cytoplasm? a cytoplasm contains the things that the cell needs to carry out its life processes
What is a tissue? a tissue are groupsof the same type of cell
What is an organ? an organ are groups of tissue that can work together
What is an organism? an organism is the highest level of a cell organization
What is a complete living thing that is made from all of the systems working together? an organism
What is a chloroplast? a chloroplast are special parts in plant cells that trap the sun's energy in order to make food
What are inverebrates? invertebrates are animals that don't have a backbone
What 2nd part of an organism's scientific name? species
Scientist classify an animal a verebrate because it what? has a backbone

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