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A large area of the earth in which plants and animals share a similar environment? Biome
The usual weather of a region over a long period of time? Climate
Permanently frozen soil? Permafrost
All of the areas where life can exist and the living organisms that live there make up the…….? Biosphere
The kinds of plants and animals that are found in a land biome depend on the …….? Climae
The coldest biome is located around the Arctic Circle and is called the ……..? Tundra
The tundra receives very little…….., most of which occurs as ……..? 1) Precipitation
2) Snow
How do the Musk oxen survive in the cold tundra climate? The musk have a thick coat that keeps them warm and resists water to keep them warm and dry.
Name a way plants survive in the tundra? Some have red leaves that absorb more light. Some have a fuzzy covering that traps heat.
Name the largest FOREST land biome? Coniferous Forest
What type of forest biome is the Taiga? Coniferous Forest
What type of forest biome is located directly below the tundra? Coniferous Forest
What type of Forest biome is located on the eastern coast of North America, in Europe, and in Asia? Deciduous Forest
What type of Forest biome has four seasons? Deciduous Forest
What type of Forest biome has two main seasons: winter and summer Coniderous Forest
Most of the trees in the Coniferous Forest are …..? Conifers
Many Conifers are ……? Evergreens
Because Evergreens do not lose their ………., they can make food in the winter? Leaves
Deciduous trees …… their leaves in the winter? Lose
The main vegetation on grasslands is ……? Grass
One difference between prairies and savannas is that savannas have more ….? Trees
What type of grassland is a Tropical grassland? Savanna
What type of grassland is a Temperate grassland? Prairie
What type of grassland has four seasons? Prairie
What type of grassland has wet and dry seasons? Savanna
What type of grassland is hot all year? Savanna
What makes the climate of the savanna hot all the time? Nearness to the equator
About how much precipitation do deserts receive? Less than 25cm (10 inches) of rain each year
Describe some ways God designed desert plants to live in dry places with extreme temperatures? Some plants store water in their stems or leaves. Some have long, deep roots to reach water.
A specific area, such as a rainforest, that has many species of plants and animals living in it has great ….? Biodiversity
Trees grow closely together in the …..layer of a tropical rainforest? Canopy
Very little sunlight reaches the fourth layer of a tropical rainforest, the …..? Forest Floor
Most tropical rainforest have what type of climates? Warm, Humid & RAINY
T/F Biomes are a general way that scientists divide the biosphere into sections? True
T?/F Mountains often consist of several biomes with different climates? True
As you climb up a mountain, what two changes in the air affect the types of plants and animals that can be found? The Air becomes Thinner and Colder, the higher you go.
Aquatic biomes are classified as either…..or …… biomes? 1) Saltwater
2) Freshwater
The ocean is the …… marine, or saltwater biome? Largest
Freshwater biomes include….,…..,streams, and …..? 1)Ponds 2)Lakes 3) Rivers
River water flows downhill to the ocean because of …? Gravity
T/F Wetlands are almost always wet? True
What are the most common wetlands? Marshes
T/F Bogs always have fresh water? True
Name three types of wetlands? 1)Marshes 2)Swamps 3)Bogs
What is Peat? Peat is partially decayed plant material that is piled up in layers
What responsibility has God given man concerning the earth? God expects man to be a Good Steward over the earth and to use his resources wisely!!!

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