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Question Answer
Flukes are ________ with a complex life cycle that requires more than one ____________. parasites;host
Most flukes reproduce __________. sexually
Flukes cause ___________, a potentially fatal blood disease, in humans. Schislosomiasis
Tapeworms are parasites that live in the _______ of a host animal. intestines
Tapeworms _____________ food digested by the ________. absorb;host
Flatworms have ______________ symmetry. bilateral
Roundworms are called ____. nematodes
They have 2 body openings- a ___________ and an __________. mouth;anus
Many round worms are plant and animal ____________; they can cause __________ in humans. parasited; trichinosis
Some roundworms are ________ because they ________. They are essential in developing healthy ___________. beneficial;pests;soil
How does a tapeoworm eat? It attaches to a hosts intestine and then it absorbs what the host has digested.
See number 62 for the steps of the lifecycle of a fluke See number 62 for the steps of the lifecycle of a fluke
Look at # 63 STUDY THE MAP Look at # 63 STUDY THE MAP
Study #64-65 Study #64-65
Most spinges are _________ and ____________. asymmetrical;sesile
A sponge body is a hollow _____ with one opening at the top and many small ______ along the body tube. tube;pores
THey often have ____________ or ________ for protection and support. spongin;spicules
The ____________ have flagellum that help move water into and through the sponge. collar-cells
Most cnidarians live in ________ water. salt
Most cnidarians have two body __________. forms
The _____ is _______-shaped and sessile. polyp;vase
The _________is__________-shaped and free swimming medusa;bell
Most cnidarians have______with_________ to help capture food. tentacles;stinging cells
Cnidairians are ______________. predators Most of their fossils are __________. corals
Worms are _______________ with soft bodies,______ symmetry, and _________ tissue layers organized into organs and organ systems. invertebrates;bilateral;three
_______ are free-living flatworms that feed on small organisms or dead bodies of larger organims.They can _________ asexually or sexually; they lay_______. planarians;reproduce;eggs
Most planariana live under __________,on ________ material, or in ________. rocks;plant;freshwater

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