blume- life science ch 10 part one

Question Answer
sex cells formed by meiosis with only half of the chromosomes haploid
plants release these into their surroundings to produce offspring spores
the joining of two haploid cells begins this stage sporophyte
when an egg and a sperm combine fertilization
depending on the species of plant, these organs can be on the same of different plants reproductive
this stage is begun when cells in reproductive organs undergo meiosis and produce haploid cells gametophyte
asexual ________________ does not require the production of sex cells reproduction
have a full set of chromosomes diploid cells
something all organisms have in common life cycle
in ________________ reproduction a new plant can be brown from a leaf, stem, or root asexual
in _____________ reproduction a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell to form a zygote sexual
the ______________ stage begins when sex cells produce haploid cells called spores gametophyte
the _____________stage begins with fertilization sporophyte
seedless plants do not produce ____________ seeds
the ____________ of seedless plants grow into plants that produce sex cells spores
all nonvascular and some vascular plants are _____________ seedless
the gametophyte stage produces ____________ sex cells
the sporophyte stage produces
when spores are ___________ and land in an appropriate environment the can grow into new gametophyte stage plants released
most vascular seedless plants are __________ ferns
fern plants have ____________ that grow from an underground stem called a __________ fronds and rhizome
fern ____________ are produced in sori, which are usually on the underside of fronds spored
a fern spore that lands in a favorable environment grows into a gametophyte plant called a _______________ prothallus
____________ form in the prothallus sex cells
when fertilization occurs, the _________ starts the sporophyte stage zygote
ferns may produce __________ when rhizomes form new branches are separated from the main plant asexually

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