Blume- Life Science- Chapter 10 B

Question Answer
What are small leaves under the flower? Sepal
What part of the flower contains pollen and is the male reproductive cell? Anther
What is a reproductive cell which will become the seed when it is fertilized by pollen? Ovule
what is the female reproductive organ? Ovary
What holds the anthers? Filament
What is the calyx? It is all the sepals
What receives the pollen during fertilization? Stigma
What is a tube on top of the ovary? Style
What is the stem called? Peduncle
What has a covering and contains gametophyte parts? Pollen Grain
______occurs when pollen grains are transfered to the ______part of the plant. 1. Pollination 2. Female
True or False
The female part produces a come that contains an embryo
False the female part contains a seed.
What contains a embryo and stores food? A Seed.
A pine tree produces a ____. Cone
A female cone has two _____ which produces and releases pollen. Ovules
Male cones produce and release ____. Pollen
when pollen blows into a female cone, _____ can now occur. Fertilization
What produces flowers and are used for sexual reproduction. Angiosperms
The Stamen is the _____ reproductive organ Male organ
What is the female reproductive organ? Pistil
What can give clues about the flower and how its gonna be pollinated? Appearance
After _______ a zygote forms and grows into the plant embryo. Fertilization
What develops into the seed coat? Ovule
Some seeds are stored in ____ tissue. Cotyledons
Other seeds are stored in ____ tissue. Endosperm
Seeds are dispersed by ____, _____, animals, water. Wind and Gravity
What occurs when the seed coat swells and breaks open? Germination

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