Term Definition
Ecotherm An animal whose body does not produce much internal heat.
Endotherm An animal whose body control and regulates its temperature by controlling the internal heat it produces
Chordate The Phlyum whose member have a notochord a nerve chord.
Cartilage A flexible strong tissue that is softer than bone
Notochord A flexible rod that support a chordaTE BACK
Vertebra The bone that makes up the bone an animal
Habitath an animal lives A specific enviroment in whicch an animal lives
Buoyant Force A force that water exerts upward on any underwater oblled organ internal gas fiject
Swim Bladder An internal gas filled organ that helps a bony fish stablize its body a diffrent water depthss
Reptile An exothermic vertebratethat has lungs and scaly skin
Atrium An upper chamber of the heart
Amphibian An ectothemmric verbrete that spends it early life in water
Fish An ecothemic vertebrate that lives in water and has fins
Urine The Watery fluid in which the waste produced by an animal cell
Fossil The hardened remain or other evidence of a living thing existed a long time.
Ventricle The lower chamber i=of the heart
sedimentary Rock Rock formed from hardeed layers of sediment
LPalentologist A scccientist who studies extinct organiism

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