Cell Division

Question Answer
What are the functions of the nucleus? They control cellular structure and cellular activites and produce Ribosomes
What does a nucleus contain? Nucleoil and genes
How many chromosomes are there? Body cells have 23 chromosomes
What do chromosomes consists of? The two chromosomes making up a chromosome pair are homologous chromosomes. One of each pair is from the father and one from the mother, each chromosome consists of many genes which are segments of DNA
What are Alleles? are alternative versions of a gene
What are Homozygous alleles? The have identical information for a trait
What are heterozygous alleles? They have different information for a trait
What is cell division? The process by which cells reproduce themselves
Explain what somatic cell division does? Somatic cell division is aimed to replicate cells to replace dead or damaged cells or add new cells during tissue growth and occurs through mitosis & cytokinesis
Explain what Reproductive cell division does? Reproductive cell division is aimed to produce the gamate cells (Sperm & oocyte) required for the next generation and occurs through meiosis
What is mitosis role in the somatic cell division? Parents cells produce two identical cells that have the same number of chromosomes 23 pairs as the parent cell, there are four stages that involve the division of the nucleus
What is the role of cytokinesis in the somatic cell divison? Is the division of the cytoplasm

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