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The circulatory system consists of what three things? 1) Heart 2) Blood Vessels
3) Blood
What is the main organ of the Circulatory syatem? The Heart
The Heart is a hollow organ that has walls made of strong what? Muscle
Blood is pumped to the lungs by what side of the heart? Right
What side of the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body? Left
What is the top chamber on either side of the Heart called? Atrium
What is the lower chamber on either side of the Heart called? The Ventricle
what is the small flap of tissue that prevents blood from flowing backwards called? The Valve
What is the group of cells that sends electric currents to the heart and makes sure the heart beats at a steady pace? Pacemaker
The Heart is constantly pumping, and the blood flows in only one direction, T/F? True
The number of times your heart beats in a minute is called your what? Heart Rate
The push of blood through the blood vessels each time your heart beats is called your what? Pulse
What carries blood from the Heart to all the parts of the body? Arteries
What carries blood from the body Back to the heart? Veins
What are the smallest blood vessels; that connect the arteries and veins? The Capillaries
What is the largest artery in the body? Aorta
What are the largest Veins in the body? Vena Cavae
Name three types of blood vessels? 1) Arteries, 2) Veins,
3) Capillaries
What, in the blood, passes through the thin capillary walls into surrounding cells? Oxygen
What passes into the Capillaries and is carried away by the blood? Carbon Dioxide
Like the heart, veins have _____ that keep the blood from flowing backwards? Valves
William Harvey was the first to realize that three things circulate blood throughout the body, what are they? 1) Heart 2) Arteries
3) Veins
What is the liquid part of blood; dissolves proteins, sugars, and nutrients? Plasma
What carries oxygen to all parts of the body? Red blood cells
What helps fight disease and infection? White blood cells
What helps form blood clots; small fragments of cells? Platelets
What is able to squeeze through capillaries because of their concave shape on both sides? Red Blood Cells
The transfer of blood from a healthy person to an inured person is called a what? Blood Transfusion
There are four main types of blood, what are they? 1) A 2) B
3) AB & 4) O
Some types of blood cannot be successfully _____ with certain other types of blood? Mixed

People who donate their blood are called what? Blood Donors
What are three jobs of the blood? 1) To transport substances around the body 2) To help keep the body's temperature at 37*C(98.6F)
3) To help defend the body against infections & diseases
How does a red blood cell act like a bus traveling through the body? The Red blood cell lets out oxygen and picks up carbon dioxide. As the red blood cell travels through the lungs, it lets out carbon dioxide and picks up oxygen.
Why is there always a need for blood donors? Blood doesn't last for a long time and becomes unuseful. People who have been injured and lost blood need to have more available.
Some body organs that work with the circulatory system to remove waste products are the skin, lungs and what? Kidneys
Some wastes can be removed from the body by sweat, and other wastes are removed by the ____ during respiration? Lungs
Most people have how many kidneys? Two
The main job of the kidneys is to clean what by removing wastes and excess water from it? Blood
Some body organs work with the circulatory system to remove waste products that poison the body and could cause death, T/F? True
Some health problems are inherited, but others are the result of bad havits and choices throughout life, T/F? True
Staying healthy includes eating the right kinds of foods, exercising, and not smoking, T/F True

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