Environmental Ecology- Environmental Hazards & Human Health

Term Definition
Malaria Caused by a protozoan (waterborne) parasite
Protozoan Parasite–>Mosquito–>Human
Female Anopheles Mosquito carries the disease.
1/5 at risk, destroys RBC- brain damage, #1 killer, no vaccine.
Caused Spread of Infectious Diseases 1. Forest Clearing–> spread of vectors
2. Illegal trade of wild species (exotics)
3. Global trade of livestock & food
Reduce the Spread of Infectious Diseases 1. Reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics
2. Improve drinking water quality
3. Draining of swamps & marshes (breeding sites for vectors)
Chemicals Hazards Two categories…
1. Hazardous Chemicals
2. Toxic Chemical
Hazardous Chemicals Can Cause harm to humans/animals
1. Flammable
2. Explosive
3. Irritate
4. Toxic cause sickness/death
Human System Affected 1. Immune System
2. Nervous System
3. Endocrine
Immune System 80% is controlled by digestive system
WBC's produce antibodies to fight antigens (produced by bacteria/viruses)
Probiotic Helps restore good bacteria in digestive system. (Acidophilus)
Nervous System Destroy nerve cells
Neurotoxins- PCB's- chemicals used in industry; lead; mercury; pesticides
Endocrine System that produces hormones
Effects sexual reproduction, growth, behavior/learning
Toxic Chemicals Chemicals that cause temporary/permeant harm/death to humans/animals
1. Mutagens
2. Teratogens
3. Carcinogens
Mutagens Produce genetic changes in DNA (mutations)
Ex. Cancer
Nitrates- Food preservatives
Teratogens Chemicals that cause harm & birth defects to fetus/embryos
Ex. Alcoholic beverages, chlorine, lead, mercury, PCB'S
Carcinogens Chemicals that produce cancer (cells divide erratically–>tumor–> met (spread)

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