Environmental Ecology- Environmental Hazards & Human Health

Term Definition
Biological Hazards Bacteria, viruses, parasites
Chemical Hazards Pollution of air, water, soil, & food
Biological Hazards can be put into two categories: 1. Non-transmissable
2. Transmissible
Non-transmissable Not from human to human
ex: cancer, diseases, diabetes, asthma
Transmissible Infectious or contagious- pathogens/vectors
ex: Bacteria, viruses, parasites
7 Deadliest Infectious Diseases 1. Flu- virus
2. HIV/AIDS- virus
3. Diarrheal Diseases- bacteria, viruses, parasites
4. TB- bacteria
5. Measles- virus
6. Malaria- parasite
7. Hepatites B- virus
Top 7 Infection Diseases Causes 11+ million deaths per year
TB (Tuberculosis) (bacteria) destroys lung tissue
33% people worldwide infected
10% will eventually become sick
Anti-biotics- can develop genetic resistance
Lyme Disease (vector) get from ticks
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is also caused by ticks.
Staphylococcus "Staph" Infection (bacteria) open cuts get infected
Flu (virus) number 1 killer
3 Million deaths per year
Passed through body fluids/airborne transmissions
Chickenpox (virus) can pop up later in life- shingles
Shingles deals with nerve infection
HIV/AIDS (virus) Human Inmuno deficiency Virus- can become active and cause AIDS- Active Immune deficiency Syndrome
T-Cells count goes down due to immune system
2 Million deaths per year
Hepatits B (virus) attacks the liver
1. Needle sharing
2. Blood transfusions
3. Unprotected sex
4. Pregnant women's placenta
West Nile Virus (virus) passed on through infected birds—> mosquitos—> human
Can cause spinal meningitis (virus)
SARS (virus) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- produces flu like systems brought from China in 2002- passed on person to person and can lead to pneumonia then death
Epidemic Local disease in one country
Pandemic Worldwide disease
Most Dangerous Viruses 1. Flu
3. Hepatitis B
WHO (World Health Organization) Job is to educate individuals on transmissible diseases.
Bacterial Meningitis Causes spinal cord and brain damage

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