Facts about Dinosaurs (Elementary level)

Term Definition
Herbivore A dinosaur that had a plant diet.
Carnivore A dinosaur that had a meat diet.
Omnivore A dinosaur that would eat either plants or meat.
Paleontologist Someone who studies prehistoric life.
Pangea A Super-continent that existed around 300 million years ago.
Triassic Period The period in which small dinosaurs first appeared, approximately 250 million years ago.
Jurassic Period The period dominated by dinosaurs, known as the 'Age of the Reptiles,' approximately 200 million years ago.
Cretaceous The period in which mammals and birds began showing up and the beginning of the end of dinosaur domination, approximately 145 million years ago.
Tyrannosaurus Rex 'Tyrant Lizard King,' one of the most well known dinosaurs.
Stegosaurus Found to have the smallest brain of all other known dinosaurs.

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