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1) I can describe where CSUCI is located using different formats of lat/lon. DD: 34.25o , –118.00o
DMS: 34o15’00” , -118o00’00”
2) I can write out a basic definition for “GIS”. Geographic information systems are a special class of information systems that keep track not only of events, activities and thing but also where these happen.
3) I can describe why GIS data is special. Everything that happens, happens somewhere in space and time
Multidimensional ( x1y1, or xy,z ,t)
4) I can describe why and where GIS began. The Canadian GIS (CGIS), designed in the mid 1960’s as a computerized map measuring system. 1963 development of Canada GIS lead by Roger Tomlinson. The system was needed to analyze Canadians national land inventory and pioneered many aspects of GIS.
5) I can list the six basic component parts of a GIS. People
6) I can convert from lat/lon DMS to DD. To convert from dms to dd use: A + B/60 +C/3600
7) I can describe how measures of lat are not equal to measures of lon. Lat lines don’t curve like the Earth as Lon lines do.
Length of degree of long = cos(lat)*111.325km
8) I can give examples to distinguish operational temporal scales from tactical. Operational temporal scales are short term.
Tactical temporal scales are medium term

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