interactions in the environment

Question Answer
What is Ecology? The study of relationships between organisms, and between organisms and their environment
What is an Ecosystems? The network of interactions that link the living and non-living things of an environment
What are biotic elements? They are living things
What are abiotic elements? They are non-living things
What is an organism? It is a living thing
What is a micro-organism? It is a living thing that is small and must be viewed with the help of a microscope
What is the definition of species? a group of similar organisms that can mate and reproduce more of the same type of organism
What is the definition of population? a group of organisms of the same species in a given area
What is a community? a group of populations of different species in a given area
What is a biome? a collection of related ecosystems
What is a biosphere? all of the biomes, all of the ecosystems on earth. consists of wherever living things are found
What are the three ways biotic and abiotic elements interact with each other? 1)biotic ineracting with biotic 2)biotic interacting with abiotic 3) abiotic interacting with abiotic
What is a habitat? the environment where and organism lives
What is a nutrient? a substance that an organism needs to grow and maintain its body
What is competition? occurs when more than one organism tries to obtain the basic reasources in the same habitat
How do humans compete with other organisms for reasources? farmers spray pesticides on crops to stop other animals from eating them
What is mutualism? an interaction between different species that benifits both individuals

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