LE 3.1c; LE 3.2a, b

Question Answer
1) Organisms have ______ and _______ to their _________ to survive. Change and adapt environment
2) _________ is to sleep for the winter and _______ off stored fat. Hibernation, live
3) Some animals have to move from one climate to another as the _______ _______. This movement is known as ________. Seasons change, Migration
4) Plants different shapes and sizes allow them to ______ to their _______. Adapt, environment
5) Cactus' store water mostly in their _______. This is an example of _______to their _____. stems, adapting environment
6) Plants make their fruit tasty and ________ in order to ________ animals to aid in ________ and _____ of their seeds Colorful, attract, transport germination
7) Some animals defend themselves against _________ by giving off a ______ ______ Predators, strong odors
8) Cactus' do not transpire much in the day because it requires to much ________. Water
9) The Cactus' spines not only ________ it from predators but also aids it from excessive _______ _______. Protects, water loss
10) Chipmunks and woodchucks both lived on stored fat during the winter because they are ________. Hibernating
11) Migration help protect birds from ________ ________. Adverse climates.
12) Birds travel to warmer climates for ______ and shelter. Food
13) Birds cannot provide adequate _______ and _______ for their young during winter therefore birds ______ to the South. Food, shelter, migrate
14) Two life process that humans do are _______ and ________. Growing and reproducing
15) Peter the Geese and his family migrating South is an example of _______ to the _______ in their environment. Adapting, change
16) Plants need ______, _________, nutrients, and ________ to grow. air, light water
17) Plants depend on the wind to carry their _______, have tiny ________-______ structures. seeds, wing- like
18) Some plants depend _________ to spread their ________. Animals, seeds
19) Nasir places soil in a plastic container to make a home for his worms. Nasir must also put small holes at the top of the container because his worms need ______ to _________. air, breathe
20) Some animals ______ in the winter to ______to the changes in environment. Hibernate, adapt
21) _______ ___ _______ helps foxes find food. Sense of smell
22) A Cactus adapts to its ____ by by using its ______- ______ leaves to prevent water loss. environment Needle – like
23) Bob the Bear_____ when he sleeps through the winter. Hibernate
24) ______ ________ from one climate to the next in search of food. Birds, migrate
25)_______ helps a Dandelion spread its seed. Wind
26) A Peacock has the brightest colors on its tail to _______ its mates and ______. Attract, reproduce
27) Animals who wake up from ______ will most likely be very _______. Hibernating, hungry
28) Seeds that stick to the fur of animals is another example of how plants use ______ to survive in their environment. adaptation.

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