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Look at the CARROT & LEAF DIAGRAM! DON'T FORGET LOOK AT THE CARROT & LEAF DIAGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do plant cells have that animal cells don't have to provide structure & protection? cell walls
What is the green pigment that most plant cells contain? chlorophyll
What is the cell structure that chlorophyll is found in? chlorplast
What is the process where plants use chlorophyll to make food? photosynthesis
What do plants contain that has red, yellow, or orange pigments that are also used for in photosynthesis? carotenoids
What is a waxy, protective layer secreted onto the surface of the plant which holds water in? cuticles
What do cell walls contain to increases support? Hint: it is a chemical compound that provides structure & support. cellulose
What kind of plants use tube like structures to carry water and nutrients throughout the plant? vascular plants
What do plants develop that are water-resistant to reproduce(2 things)? seeds & spores
What kind of plants do not have tube like structures and use other ways to move water & nutrients? nonvascular plants
What are inside the cortex, that are tube like cells that carry water and minerals? xylem cells
What are inside the cortex, that are tube like cells that carry food in the plant? phloem cells
Give two examples of vascular plants? trees & sunflowers
Give two examples of nonvascular plants? moss & liverwort
If plants don't have roots they have…? rhizoids
What is water absorbed and distributed through? cell walls
What type of environments do nonvascular plants grow in? damp environments
What do nonvascular plants reproduce by (2 things)? spores and seeds
What are organisms that are the first to grow in a new or disturbed area, and they change environmental conditions so bigger plants can come in and survive pioneer species
What are the largest group of seedless vascular plants? ferns
What are the leaves on ferns called? fronds
What do ferns reproduce by? Hint: they are found on the back of their fronds? spores

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