Life Science Chapter 6 study guide

Question Answer
Before a cell divides, it makes a copy of its genes during Interphase
The two stages of cell division mitosis and cytokinesis
When all the genes of a chromosome have duplicated but are still attached, the structures that are formed are called sister chromatids
in mitosis the chromosomes are lined up at the center of the spindle during Metaphase
Asexual reproduction is reproduction by mitotic cell divisions
the process of regrowing missing body parts is regeneration
a cell surrounded by a protective covering is a spore
In which type of reproduction does the offspring receive genes from both parents asexual
By what process of sexual reproduction copy genetic information meiosis
the new cell that forms from the union of two gametes Zygotes
a cell or an organism that has two of each kind of it chromosomes diploid
Before it divides cells make a what of all its genes copy
a division of cytoplasm and organelles Cytokinesis
What type of cells go through mitosis several times a day. human skin
Regeneration takes place during cell divison
Sexual reproduction involves which process Mitosis and meiosis meiosis
stage when genes are duplicated and before cell division interphase
the division of genetic material mitosis
phase in which the nuclear membrane disappears prophase
phase in which new nuclear membranes appear telophase
a form of asexual reproduction in yeast budding
Having one of each kind of chromosomes haploid
Four stages of mitosis in order prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

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