Misc. Vocabulary

Question Answer
Leaf of a Fern Frond
What characteristic do fawns have for the 1st month of life no Scent
Most abundant and economically important natural resource Soil
Nickname for America's prairie land breadbasket
Solid stone containing no living plants or animals bedrock
exposed when topsoil is worn away subsoil
Dark oil found in rocks petroleum
a combustible rock formed millions of years ago from deeply buried partly decayed plants coal
The rdged topography of the northeastern quarter of illinois was formed by this Wisconsinan glacier
highest elevation in the state at 1421 feet Charles Mound
ripple marks on clay rocks, and inorganic minerals which fill in cracked rocks form these psuedo or fake fossils
formed deep in the earth exposed through volcanic activity Igneous Rocks
formed in layers along a streambank or lake bed Sedimentary Rocks
Igneous and sedementary rocks that were changed by heat or pressure Metamorphic Rocks
Mass of threads that absorb food material and water for fungi Mycelium
ecological areas differing in temperature and rainfall biomes
Only marsupial living in North America opossum
principle ore of lead galena
chief ore of zinc sphalerite
tiny particles of quartz deposits tripoli
trees purchased at a nursery for yard planting ornamentals
most valuable illinois forest tree Black Walnut
how many temperature zones are there in Illinois Three

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