Observing God’s World; 4th Ed.’ Test 1; Sections 1.1-1.4

The chemical process by which a plant produces food. Photosynthesis
Any growth response of a plant to its environment tropism
The transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil. pollination
the process of the egg cell uniting with the sperm cell of a plant is called… fertilization
The pigment within the plant that gives color. chlorophyll
a colorful leaf that is not a petal. bract
an underwater plant with a bladder-like leaf which traps insects. bladderwort
an insectivorous plant that has dewdrop like arms which capture prey. sundew
a plant with honey scented nectar that lures an insect deep within the center of the plant. pitcher plant
A plant with hinged leaves designed to close once tiny hairs are triggered within the jaws of this plant. Venus's-flytrap
Stomata is… tiny pores on the underside of the leaf
There are two parts of the plant; one that is seen about the ground and the other that is located beneath the ground. Name them both! Above the ground: Shoot System
Below the ground: Root System
Cuticle is the waxy substance on the leaf that holds in water.
I stand at the stomata and allow water to enter or exit based on the amount of water that is available in the plant. I am…. The guard cell
Cellulose is The tough, fibrous material used to form the cell walls of the plant.
Packages of chlorophyll are called: chloroplasts
Miniature undeveloped plant. Embryo
Larger vein running up the middle of a leaf. Midrib
A Botanist studies….. Plants
T/F: The ovary of the plant develops into the fruit. TRUE
T/F: Photosynthesis takes place in the roots. FALSE Leaves
T/F: The underground storehouse with thick layers of fleshy leaves is called the bulb. TRUE
T/F: The part of the flower that attracts the pollinator with its scent is the petals. TRUE
T/F: The root that is wide and drives deep into the ground is the root cap. FALSE TAPROOT
The protective tip of the taproot is…. Root cap
Wheat, rice and corn are examples of what type of grasses? Cereal Grasses
My fruit grows in pods. I am is what family? Pea Family My nickname is called legume.
I reproduce without flowers. I have a two part leaf and very small flowers that many times cannot be seen. What family am I? Grass Family My two main parts are the blade and the sheath.
I am the largest plant family. I have two parts that make up just one of me. Who am I? Composite Family The two parts that make up the Composite Family are: Ray Flowers and Disk Flowers
I grow from bulbs. What family am I? Lily Family I have petals in multiples of three
T/F: The two conditions for a seed to sprout are moisture and fertile soil. FALSE Moisture and Warmth
Geotropism is a plant's response to what? Gravity Remember: "G" in Geotropism and "G" in Gravity 🙂
I am a stem that grows beneath the ground. I am a? Rhizome The stem that grows above the ground is the stolon, also known as the "runner".
A seed that is not dead BUT it is Not active. Dormant

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