Reproductive System

Question Answer
What is reproduction? It is the process by which living things produces new individuals of their own kind
Why is reproduction important? To insure the continuation of species, without it humans would no longer exist.
List the 4 functions of the repro. system It releases, nourishes, produces and stores sex cells
Why are sex cells different from other cells? because they only contain 23 chomosomes when a normal cell would have 46
What is the male sex cell called? Sperm
What is the female sex cell called? Egg
What is fertilization? The joining of an egg NUCLEUS and a sperm NUCLEUS each containing 23 chromosomes the result is 1 fertilized egg (containing 46 chromosomes)
Testies Primary male reproductive organ. Produces testosterone. Produces sperm
Uthera Tube that leads to the outside of the body through the penis
Ovary Primary female repro. organ, produces and stores eggs. produces estrosgerone
Fallopian Tube AKA_______ AKA oviduct. Tube structure lined with mucas. located near each ovary. transports egg to uterus
Uterus AKA______ AKA vagina. hollow muscular organ where and egg can develope
Cervix Lower end of the uterus that opens to the vagina
Vagina AKA Birth Cana. Passageway through which baby passes durring the birth process.
What is the menstrual cycle? The monthly cycle of change that occurs in the female repro. system.controlled by hormones and lasts for 28 days
What is the purpose of the menstrual cycle? To reproduce and release a mature egg
What is ovulation? This a time when an egg can be fertilized by a sperm
Explain mensturation The period, where extra blood flushes out of the body; lasts appx. 5 days

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