Respitory System

Question Answer
Our breathing system is called what type of system? Respiratory
When you breathe IN oxygen and other gases you do what? Inhale
When you breathe OUT carbon dioside and other gasess you do what? Exhale
Every cell in the body needs what in order to live and function? Oxygen
What controls how you breathe The Brain
Automatic breathing is called what type of breathing? Involuntary
Breathing tha you think about and control for a short time is called what type of breathing? Voluntary
The strong, curved muscle attached below the lungs to the lower ribs and backbone is called the what? Diaphragm
Name two things that change the space and pressure inside your body to allow you to brathe? 1)Chest Muscles 2) Diaphragm
Exhaling is the ——- process of inhaling? Reversed
What are the tiny hars in the nose that filter air? Cilia
Another word description for THROAT? Pharynx
Another word to describe the windpipe; the tube that leads to the lungs? Trachea
Another word to describe the flap of tissue that covers the trachea when swallowing? Epiglottis
Another word to describe the voice box; contains vocal cords? Larynz
How are speech sound waves created? When air is exhaled, it goes upward from the lungs, goes into the trachea, pushes through closed vocal cords, and makes them vibrate.
What affects the pitch coming from the vocal cords? The thickness and length of the vocal cords.
The upper respiratory system includes the nose, throat and what? The Larynx
The lower respiratory system is below the larynx, from the _____ and into the lungs. Trachea
The trachea branches off into two tubes called the what? Bronchi
The trachea and bronchi have C shaped rings of _______ on the outside that keep them from collasping and allow then to move? Cartilage
Like the lingin of the nasal passages, the ling inside the Trachea dna Bronchi has two things, name them? 1)Mucus and 2) Cillia
What are two saclike organs that replace the carbon dioside in you blood with oxygen? The Lungs
The lungs are protected by a flexible "cage " of bones, formed by the _____, breastbone, and backbone? Ribs
the smaller tubes that branch off from the bronchi are called what? Bronchial tubes
The smallest tubes end in tiny air sacs called what, wher oxygewn and carbon diosxide are exchanged? Alveoli
What are the tiny Alveoli sacs surrounded by? Capillaries
What are Capillaries? They are tiny blood vessels
What passes through the Walls of the Alveoli into the blood in the capillaries? Oxygen
What passes from the blood in the capillaries into the Alveoli. Carbon Dioxide
Since the lungs do not have their own muscles, the ____ and chest muscles control the move ment of the Lungs? Diaphragm
The amount of air taken into the lungs by one breath is know as ______ capacity? Lung
Diseases such as colds, the ______, strep throat, bronchitis, and pneumonia can affect the boyy's ability to breath? FLU
What is an infectio of the Bronchi called? Bronchitis
What is a lung infection called? Pneumonia
Allergies cause some people to have what type of rea ction to dust, pollen, or other particles in the air? Allergic
The disorder that causes the small bronchial tubes to be come narrow from time to time is aclled what? Asthma
What happens during an asthma attack? The muscles around the bronchial tubes tighten more than normal and make the bronchial tubes smaller. The airways can be come swollen and irritated. It is then difficult to brethe, and the person may cough or wheeze.
Why is smoking harmful? Cigarette smoke has poisonous chemicals that harm the lungs & other parts of the body. Smoke particles get in the lungs & cool, they form a sticky tar that keeps the cilla from working properly. The smoke can also keep the alveoli from working properly

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