Review for 8.7a

Question Answer
What direction do celestial objects revolve around another? (Earth & Moon) counterclockwise!
What is the imaginary line that Earth spins on? Axis!
What causes day and night on earth? Earths rotation!
What causes the seasons? Earth's Tilt causes different amounts of solar radiation- direct/indirect rays!
What is a Revolution? The orbit around another object!
What is a Rotation? An Object spining on around its axis!
How many days does it take for the moon to revolve around the Earth? 28!
How many days does it take for Earth to revolve around the sun? 365.25!
Name the 4 seasons! Summer,spring,Fall,& winter!
How long does it take for Earth to rotate on its axis? 24hrs!
What is the winter solstice? Shortest day and longest night of the year!
What is the summer solstice? Longest day and shortest night!
What are the Vernal and Autumn equinoxes? Days with equal day and night!
What is the length of the Moon's rotation? 28 days (the same as its revolution!
What is the path of a revolution called? Orbit!
Why do we add leap year? The revolvolution is longer than a year!
What would happen if Earth rotated on its axis once every 20 hours? Earth's days and nights would be shorter!

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