science class

Question Answer
what is a phenotype? the way an organism looks
what is a genotype? genetic makeup or a combination of alleles in an organism
what is homozygous? two of the same alleles for a trait
what is heterozygous? two different alleles for a trait
what are genes? factors that control traits. the different forms of a gene are called alleles
what does dominant mean? an allele that always shows up in an organism, even when the other allele is present
what does recessive mean? an allele that is hidden whenever the dominant is present
what is a hybrid? has two different alleles for a trait
what is a trait? a characteristic such as a seed color
what does genetic mean? the study of heredity
what does heredity mean? the passing of traits from parents to offspring
what does purebred mean? always produces offspring that have the same trait
what does alleles mean? different forms of a gene
what does chromosomes mean? short thick coils of DNA
what does DNA mean? determines the inherited traits of an organism
what does acquired trait mean? EX. environmental, learned, and manipulated
what does inherited trait mean? EX. blood type,hair color, and face shape
how many chromosomes are in human cells? 46
how many chromosomes are in human gametes? 23
acquired trait- enviromental: food, soil, and water
acquired trait- learned: learning how to hunt and learning how to follow commands
acquired trait- Manipulated: contolling shapes and sizes of how plants grow

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