Science Vocab

Term Definition
acceleration increase in speed of an object

Example: The growth of the grass has accelerated since last year

acid rain rain that has a lot of acid in it which causes damage to plants and animal life

Ex: In the 1980s, acid rain was contaminating lakes and rivers across the Northeast

adaptation when an animal or organism changes in order to survive in the environment

Ex: Snakes have adapted to the increase in predators by growing poisonous fangs

adequate being good enough (inadequate- not good enough)

Ex: The five foot tall boy was inadequate to play basketball with his seven foot brother

air mass a large amount of air that all has the same temperature and amount of moisture

Ex: This cold weather came from an air mass from the North.

assess to examine whether something is good, valuable, important, true, correct

Ex: Before you try to sell your car, you should ask an expert to assess its value.

antibodies small substances in our body that helps us fight disease
atmosphere the layers of gases that surround the earth. There are different layers in the atmosphere.

Ex: Carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for a long time. There is a lack of oxygen in the upper atmosphere so planes need to supply oxygen on the plane.

atom the smallest particle of everything

Ex: Its molecule consists of one carbon atom attached to four hydrogen atoms.

carnivore an animal that only eats meat
climate the typical weather in a location

Ex: Arizona’s climate is dry.

Compound combination of two or more things

Ex: Carbon dioxide is a compound of carbon and oxygen

conclusion a result from given information

Ex: I conclude that it is going to rain because of all the dark clouds in the sky.

condensation change from a gas to a liquid

Ex: when there is water on the outside of your glass. The air around the glass turns to liquid when it touches the cool glass

crust the outer layer of Earth, including Earth’s surface
density how close the particles are in an object
derive comes from

Ex: A kitty derives from its mother cat

deplete greatly decrease something

Ex: Once the kids saw the cookies on the plate, they were depleted

dominant trait a trait (such as hair color) that will appear in a baby from the parent
erosion the removing of rock, soil, and sand by wind or water
evaluate to examine something in order to judge if it is correct or important

Ex: I evaluated his homework and concluded that he had copied his friend.

evaporate to change from a liquid to a gas
evolution the process of becoming better through a slow change

Ex: It is said we have evolved from monkeys

fault a crack in the rock of the earth’s crust. (this a big crack).
fossil the remains or a print of a once alive thing. Can be printed in a rock or be the bones.

Ex: Fossils are very important to scientists who study animals: they're one of the ways we learn about the beasts and critters of the past

Habitat the place where an animal or organism usually lives

Ex: : The zoo tried to copy a penguins habitat by making it cold

herbivore an animal that eats only plants
hormone a substance added to plants or animals to change it
imply to suggest something without actually stating it
infer to make a good guess based on information given

Ex: : I saw that Molly was giving Jackie a mean look when she was talking to Mark. I infer that Jackie likes Mark.

nectar the sugary liquid in flowers
organism a living thing of any size.
omnivore an animal that eats both plants and other animals
opinion a belief that may or may not be true.
photosynthesis the process when green plants take water and carbon dioxide and turn it into food for themselves and oxygen for humans by using energy from the sun.
predator an animal that gets its food by hunting and killing it
saturated the same throughout a substance

Ex: Salt dissolving in water. The salt dissolves in the water and now this combination of salt and water is saturated

trait a characteristic of an organism or person which is given from parents.
tremors a small shaking of the ground
ultraviolet radiation the rays from the sun that can seriously damage your skin
velocity speed
volume how much space something takes up

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