six grade fossil vocab

Question Answer
Law of Superposition a scientific law that states that in undisturbed sedimentary rock layers, older layers of rock lie beneath younger rock layers
Sedimentary Rocks Layers pressed together over time;forms at or near Earth's surface, made of sediment dropped from erosion
orginial Horizontality Layer of rock are horizonally placed
What do fossils tell us? fossils tell us How life has changed over time, How Earth’s surface has changed over time, and What past climates were like and,Appearance and activities of ancient organisms
Types of fossils Petrified fossils
Molds and casts
Carbon films
Trace fossils
Preserved remains
What do you use to preserve material Tar, Amber and Ice
What are fossils and how do they form? Fossils are preserved remains or traces of living things. Fossils form when living things die and are buried by sediments, which slowly harden into rock and preserve the shape of the organism.
What type of rock usually contains fossils? Sedimentary rocks
What do paleontologists study? fossils
What does History repeats itself”… mean This statement supports the principle of uniformitarianism
because geological process (weathering, erosion, deposition,
runoff-water cycle) that occurred in the past occur the
same way today
What is the law of superposition In sedimentary rock layers, the oldest layer
is at the bottom and each layer higher is younger than
the layers below.
If a fossil of a palm leaf were found in Alaska, what does this suggest about Alaska’s climate? Alaska was once under warmer climates
What is the age of an intrusion in relation to the sedimentary rock layers it passes through? The intrusion is younger
A large elephant fossil found in a top layer compared to a small elephant fossil found below…what is the relative age? The rock layer that contains the large elephant fossil is younger than the rock layer with the small elephant fossil
Explain how a fossilized sea shell found at the top of a mountain supports Earth’s changing surface The surface was once covered by water because a marine (water) environment would have been where the sea shell was
How do geologist determine the absolute age of rocks? Radioactive dating, after determining the rock’s rate of radioactive decay
Justify how dinosaurs and horses did not exist during the same geologic era? Fossils of dinosaurs or horses can NOT be found in the same rock layers
Describe how sediments are deposited, according to the principle of horizontality. Sediments are deposited in horizontal layers, from left to right.
Where is the oldest layer of rock according to the law of superposition the oldest rock is at the bottom
What is the relative age of a rock compared to absolute age? The relative age is the age compared to the ages of other rock or rock layers layers and the absolute age is the number of years since the rock or rock layer formed
How do unconformities in rock layers form Erosion wears away the surface of rock layers and then other rock layers form on top of the eroded surface
What are index fossils Fossils of widely distributed organisms that lived during only one short period
What do paleontologists use to help determine the age of rocks, according to the law of superposition relative age
Describe how life forms became more complex. There is evidence from fossils records that reveal
major changes in life forms occurred at different times.
Example: early bacteria —- shells—insects —— fish ——dinosaurs—- mammals
What is the geologic time scale? A record of the life forms and geologic events in history
Earth’s history.
How might fossils provide evidence of Earth’s past environment Fossils found in certain areas may tell whether
the area was an ocean or a shallow sea
Which of the following resources will run out in the near future * fossil fuels (nonrenewable
How does recycling help conserve energy resources? Recycling does not required as much energy to be used
What are the three major fossil fuels Coal, oil, and natural gas
Hydroelectric power and wind energy are powered by what major energy source? The sun, solar energy
Give examples of renewable resources

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