People What they did
Marx Known for capitalism
Economics provides the basis for society
wrote communist manifesto
exploited are dominated by the owners of the means of that production
bourgeoisie- factory owners, bosses
proletariat- workers
Weber Wrote partly in opposition to Marx
Developed important theories of bureaucracy and authority
verstehn- comprehension and understanding
Durkheim argued that many social problems are FUNCTIONAL
we are all connected, unified
argued that anomie would result from modernization
Comte believed a theoretical science of society and systematic investigation of behavior improve society
cointed "sociology"
father of sociology
Martineau spoke out for womans rights, emacipation of slaves, religious tolerance
translated comtes work
believed in the science of sociology
conducted research
Bourdieu wrote distinction
worked for equal rights of immigrants and blacks
fought for child labor laws
encouraged research on social justice
Du Bois the father of african american sociology
co founded NAACP
wrote the souls of black folk
sociology the scientific study of behavior and human groups, focusing on social relationships and how those relationships influence behavior and how societies develop and change
Social Science study of features of humans and their interactions: soc, history, psych, anthro
Natural Science awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society, both today and in the past
Theory set of statements that seek to explain problems, actions or behaviors, they may have both explanatory and predictive power, they can be changed revised and they are tested
Conflict Perspective social behavior is best understood in terms of tension between groups over power and resources
Functionalist Perspective the way in which parts of society are structured to maintain stability
Interactionist Perspective generalize about everyday forms of social interaction to explain society as a whole
Macro Approach concentrates on large scale phenomena or entire civilizations
Micro Approach small study often through experimental means
hypothesis speculative statement about the relationship between two or more factors/variables statements about the relationship we should expect
qualitative relies on what is seen in field and naturalistic setting
-case studies
quantitative collects and reports data in numerical form
-secondary date
literature review aim to bring the reader up to speed
objectivity being engaged in what needs to be achieved
subjectivity based on your own beliefs and achievements
variables measurable trait or characteristic
random sample when every member of the sample has an equal change of being selected (lottery system)(assign everyone a random number then pick)
research design a detailed plan or method for obtaining data scientifically
independent variable the variable hypothesized to cause or influence another variable
dependent variable its action depends on the influence of the independent variable
conducting ethical research -privacy
-do no harm
-disclose all sources of funding
stanford prison experiment/ milgram experiment higher authority causing people to perform actions they normaly would never perform or even think about doing something to someone else, but because they were told to be someone of higher power to them they went along and made unethical choices to harm
material physical or technological aspects of our daily lives: food, houses, factories, raw material
non material ways of using material objects as well as to customs beliefs philosophies governments and patterns of communication
ethnocentrism tendency to assume that ones culture and way of life represent the norm or are superior to others can strain relations between different cultures is there a definition of normal?
cultural universals society developed certain common practices and beliefs essential for human needs to change over time
GIve examples of cultural universals marriage, government, shelter, food, belief system, clothing, holidays, calendar, money, music, art, education

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