“The Way of the Program” Definitions

Term Definition
Activecode Environment that lets Python be run in browser.
Algorithm Step by step process to solve a problem
Bug Error in a program
Byte Code Intermediate language between source code and object code.
Codelens Lets code by run line by line, step by step.
Comment Not part of code. Lets programmer give information
Compule Making high level language to low level language at once. "Translating entire book"
Debugging Finding and removing any programming errors
Exception Run time Error
Executable object code that is ready to be executed
Formal Language Language designed for specific purposes, such as representing math, or programs. All programming languages are formal.
Interpret To execute a program in a high level language by translating it one line at a time
Low-level language Programming language that is easy for a computer to execute. Aka machine language or assembly language
Natural Language A language that people speak that eveoved naturally
Object Code Output from compiler after translation
Parse To examine a program, and analyze the synactic structure
Portability the ability of a program to run on more than one type of computer
Print function Lets python interpreter display a value on output device
Problem Solving Formulating a problem, finding a solution, and expressing it.
Program a sequence of instructions that specifies to a computer actions and computations to be performed
Programming language formal notation for representing solutions
Python Shell interactive UI to the interpreter, prompt of (>>>)
Runtime error error that occurs once the program has started to execute but that prevents the program from continuing.
Syntax Structure of a program
Shell mode Typing instructions to python, and the results are shown immediately.
Source code Program stored in a file. High level language, needed to be compiled or interpreted.
Syntax error error in program that makes it impossible to parse, and therefore impossible to interpret
token basic element of the syntactic structure.

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