Vocabulary related to the study of the Earth and its layers.

Term Definition
Hydrosphere The layer of the earth that contains bodies of water including lakes, rivers and oceans
Lithosphere The layer of the earth that contains rocks, minerals and soils
Atmosphere The layer that surrounds the earth and protects us from too much sunlight
Crust The outer part of the lithosphere
Core The center layer of the earth
Mantle The layer of the earth that is between the crust and the core
Plate Tectonics The theory that says the earth's surface is made up of about 20 moving pieces
Weathering The breaking down or changing of rock
Erosion Weathered rock is moved from place to place by this process
Deposition Eroded material that is carried by water slows down and is dropped during this process
Igneous Rock Melted mantle that has cooled
Sedimentary Rock Solid particles cemented together
Metamorphic Rock Igneous or metamorphic rock changed by heat or pressure
Fossil Remains of any dead organism trapped in layers of rock
Rock Cycle Process in which rocks undergo change

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