ziccardi 6th grade daniel s. skeleton

Question Answer
What does yellow marrow do to red marrow when children get older and become adults? Replaces it. Also, yellow marrow stores fat.
Where is the marrow located? The central cavity of long bones such as the femur(thigh bone).
What is your skeletal system made of? Cartilage, bones, and connective tissue.
What does red marrow do? Makes blood cells.
How can your skeletal system become damaged or hurt? The bones can become sprained, fractured, or dislocated.
What is the smallest bone in your skeletal system? (Give the scientific name) Patella. This is your knee.
What protects the heart and the lungs? The ribs.
What protects your brain? your skull/cranium.
What is at the end of bones that cushions them? Cartilage.
What bone is the toe bone and the finger bone? Phlanges.
What two places remain cartilage on your body? Top of ear and part of nose.

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